Standing wave


  •  Demonstrates standing waves on a string.
  • Adjustable frequency.
  •  Adjustable tension, weights included.
  • - Demonstration of the wave equation v = λf  via measurement of wavelengths in a different medium and/or different frequency.
  • Two control options:
  • 1. Wireless remote control 2.4GHz (R444450W).
    2. Mobile phone Android application (Phone not
    included) – via Bluetooth (R444450A).
  • The frequency is displayed on the LCD (on the remote control) / on your cell phone app and on the display (on the Standing Wave device).
  • Easy battery exchange in the remote control (no screwdriver needed).
  • 12v power supply included (for the standing wave device).
  • Made from special durable Poletylan material- 3 layers- yellow, black, yellow

Width 61 cm
Length 61 cm
Height 24 cm
Weight 1.65 kg

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