Monkey and the hunter

Behind this unique demonstration device stands a riddle :

Imagine a hunter in the jungle who has just spotted a monkey grasping a tree branch above him. To avoid more troubling moral questions, let’s assume that the hunter must capture the monkey to treat it for a disease before releasing it back into the wild.

The hunter also knows that the monkey will reflexively drop from the branch immediately after the hunter pulls the trigger. Immediately after the bullet exits the barrel, the monkey will begin his free fall toward the ground.

However, the hunter doesn't know exactly how fast the tranquilizer bullet will travel after leaving the gun — he just knows it'll move fast.

With all of this in mind, where should the hunter aim? Where would you aim? Three choices arise:

1. Aim above the monkey
2. Aim directly at the monkey
3. Aim below the monkey


Our Monkey hunter device demonstrate the physical law that consist the answer to this riddle, in a variety of situations.

the free fall object can be much higher from the shooting canon, on the same level ,or even below it.

Kit include : 

main device

remote control 

2x 16mm steel balls

1x 20 mm steel ball