Electro-motive force amperemeter


  • Passing a magnet through the inductor causes current to flow through circuit. 
  • EMF magnitude and direction measured via micro-ampere meter and coincident LEDs.
  • To the existing inductor we have added an inner inductor with an iron core. This additional inductor allows a greater flexibility in the use of this device, by inducing DC current in the inner inductor. This induction can be controlled by insertion or exertion of the iron core. 
  • Two 10mm high brightness LEDs for indication of electrical current direction (Red and Green).
  • One high quality neodymium magnet (included).
  • One Stainless steel rod (included).
  • Two coils for two different experiments.

Made from special durable Poletylan material- 3 layers- yellow, black, yellow.

Width 19 cm
Length 22 cm
Height 30 cm
Weight 1.2 kg

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